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Supported Decoders
Trackmate Iridium RC lap counter
I-LapRC Race Timing System
Orange Lap RC
Easy Lap Serial Decoder
Robitronic Serial Decoder
Core Speedway lap counter
V2 V2 Easy Lap USB Decoder
V2 V2 Robitronic USB Decoder

Send us feedback to get other hardware supported.

Device Support Release - October 17 2021

  • Mac and Linux device support for EasyLap and Robotronic timing devices.
  • Various other minor fixes.

Track Layouts Release - July 27 2021

  • Track layouts! You can now add track layouts and upload an image for those tracks.
  • Associate track layouts to races. Races are synced online with track layout information.
  • Faster data sync. We reduced the time it takes for data to sync so racers can access it quicker. Down from five minutes to just one minute.

New Race Statistics

We added a bunch of statistics for racers enjoy.

  • Longest streak, how laps can you make it before you break your streak?
  • Average, what is the average of all your lap times for the entire race?
  • 3 fastest laps, did you get lucky or are you consistently fast?
  • Leader, how far behind are you from the leader?
  • Interval, how close are you to catching up to the person in front of you?
  • Total streak laps, how many streak laps did you get during the race?

Improved Race Setup

Our goal is to get you racing as fast as possible. We hope these improvements help with that!

  • Quick start now uses settings from your last race.
  • Race setup memory. The settings from your last race will be used when setting up a new race.
  • One screen race setup. We made it easy to select and add race formats and track layouts right on the race setup screen.
  • Streak laps were simplified and moved into race formats to allow for easy race configuration.

Updated Design

  • Improved button readability. Enhanced contrast of colors used for text and background.
  • Redesigned race formats screen to show streak settings.
  • Improved forms by making field size more appropriate for field data.
  • Improved race participant laps layout on different screen sizes.
  • Added icon legend to race screen to help racers and directors learn what the icons mean.
  • Modals now close when you click outside of them.
  • Improved dashboard by adding a setup member button (even after you add your second member).
  • Updated navigation icons.

Bug Fixes

  • Longstanding Bug Fixed! Opening the race participant menu during a race would often close. The menu was replaced with different functionality.
  • Added access denied dialog to community switcher when user has insufficient permissions to direct a community.
  • Fixed issue where login would display during initial authentication check.
  • Stopped side menu from toggling during form submissions when using enter to submit them.
  • Added minimum window size to fix issue on mac where window would collapse into nothing.
  • Various other minor fixes.

Communities Release - April 11 2021

Data Sync

  • Data is automatically synced online. Behind the scenes we will backup your races, member data, and race formats. You and your community members can access their race history online.
  • Offline mode is available! Don't worry, your data will sync automatically when you are back online.
  • Start races faster by using race formats. Race formats are presets for your race configuration which makes getting a race going that much faster.

Updated Design

  • Redesigned menu for easier access. The menu can also be hidden to save room for smaller screens.
  • Optimized race screen to allow for more racers on the screen at the same time.
  • Updated the dashboard to help get new users set up their timing device, members, and their first race.
  • Improved design contrast to increase readability. We have darkened the application background and various components to increase the contrast between the background and the test.
  • Improved touchscreen experience by adding buttons to increase/decrease race time limits, laps, and other number fields.

Other Features

  • Start practice button added. You no longer have to dig through the race screen to start a practice session!
  • Race exports now include more data. Racer's NLT Tag and fast lap is now included when exporting a race to CSV.
  • Improved debug tools for when things are going wrong. We don't like it when things break but when they do we want to be able to help.