Next Level Timing Software For RC Racing and Practice

Next Level Timing is built for racers like you. The modern design and intuitive interface allow you to easily start your first race in seconds. Start racing and engage in consistent improvement of your abilities.

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Active Race Screen

Why should I use Next Level Timing?

Never stop racing. Direct races with ease by adjusting racers and transponders on the fly- no need to stop the race.

  • Setup what you want, not the kitchen sink
  • No limits on racers in a race
  • Racer Management
  • Assign and reassign racers during a race
  • Assign and reassign transponders during a race
  • Automatically register racers
  • Sounds
  • Voice announcements

Helps improve consistency

Improve your consistency. It isn't just about fast laps anymore, streaks makes practice exciting by giving you another metric to strive for.

  • Practice Mode
  • Consistency improvement
  • Streak difficulty adjustment
  • Voice announcements
  • Sounds

Active Race Screen

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Early access to version 2 is available for PRO subscribers.

Data sync, track layouts, race formats, additional race stats, and more!

Supported Decoders
Trackmate Iridium RC lap counter
I-LapRC Race Timing System
Orange Lap RC
Easy Lap Serial Decoder
Robitronic Serial Decoder
Core Speedway lap counter
V2 V2 Easy Lap USB Decoder
V2 V2 Robitronic USB Decoder

Send us feedback to get other hardware supported.