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Supported Decoders
Trackmate Iridium RC lap counter
I-LapRC Race Timing System
Orange Lap RC
Easy Lap Serial Decoder
Robitronic Serial Decoder
Core Speedway lap counter
Easy Lap USB Decoder
Robitronic USB Decoder

Send us feedback to get other hardware supported.

License and Terms

By downloading and using Next Level Timing, you agree to our license terms, terms of service, and privacy policy. Next Level Timing automatically sends usage data and crash dumps to help us improve the product.

Beta Linux Release - August 29th 2019

v1.5.0 Updates - February 28th 2019

v1.4.0 Updates - November 14th 2018

v1.3.4 Updates - October 24th 2018

v1.3.2 Updates - September 9th 2018

v1.3.0 Updates - June 25th 2018